why People do Crime?

Where is law, there is crime. Crime is the worst word to everyone. Common question, why people do crime? Need to do crime?

There are a lot of reasons for doing crimes. Most of the people do crimes for revenge. This is weird when people do crimes with no reasons. Some of the people do crimes because living of under poverty. You know poverty is the greatest problems in the world mostly third world country. In third world country, culture and tradition says do crimes. Actually, they unemployment so , they have no alternative for them.

Kind of crimes

There have uncountable crimes in the world.  All of them I listed top 3 which consider terrible and the worst.


What is rap? Rap is called when girl forced for sexual harashment then it is called rap. Everyday uncountable girls are raped by some stupid. Most of raped girls are decided of suicide. The highest rate of rap is in India.


I personally think there is no alternative for murder. Murder is considerd the highest crime in the world. The punishment of murder is hanging by death. The Maximum murderer living in third world country.

Illegal business;

Illegal business like yaba and cocaine are forbidden from the world but still, some person does thes

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